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Anurak & Associates offers expert counsel on immigration and employment matters in Thailand. Nowadays, the international and regional relocation and transfer of executives and staff is inevitably envisaged for places suitable for investment and business opportunities, and the Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most attractive countries in Southeast Asia in this regard. However in Thailand, as in any other country, it is illegal for any business to employ foreign personnel without the proper documents and approval and is punishable by fines, imprisonment or deportation. So, whether a small company, multinational corporation, NGO, or any other business type, an employer cannot legitimately employ foreigners until they have a valid work permit and the correct visa. For new companies and businesses based outside Thailand, the work permit process can be complex, and as the entire process is much easier if done correctly from the start, expert advice from our experienced professionals is thus highly recommended.

Anurak & Associates’ Immigration and Employment Department advises on and handles all aspects of employment under Thai law from the work permit and visa for a foreign employee to work in Thailand and the correct visas for their family to all of the employment and immigration matters for an overseas company doing business in the Kingdom. The firm also routinely assists a number of international relocation service providers whose clients are large multinational corporations. Additionally, the team has extensive experience in dealing with work permits issued under the Board of Investment (BOI) privileges and the Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and through the One-Stop Service Center (OSSC).

Anurak & Associates’ Immigration and Employment Department also provides specialized advice on Thai labor law and employment matters and assists companies with employee contracts, company rules and regulations, industry specific issues, termination of employment, and many other related matters. The firm also successfully negotiates on behalf of companies engaged in labor disputes with workers, and it advises expatriate employees concerning their rights and privileges in the Kingdom under the laws of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration Bureau as well.


Immigration & Employment Department FAQ

Q. Does your firm render work permit and visa services for foreign investors?

A. Yes, we offer immigration (Visa) and work permit services for all types of foreign direct investment.

Q. What are the professional fees for these services?

A. We have fixed prices which apply to each stage of the services required and a lump sum fee for a whole process. Our fee schedule is available upon request.

Q. Do you continuously track records and advise clients on the expiry dayes of the visas and work permits?

A. Yes, particularly for our retainer clients and global business partners.

Q. Does Thailand issue special visas and work permits for investment in special promotion zones?

A. Yes, there is one stop services for these types of investment and we will arrange all necessary paperwork to speed up the approval process for the client.

Q. Does a foreign assignee need a supporting sponsor’s letter for the visa and work permit process?

A. Yes, this is an important letter supporting each individual assignee.

Q. Any more questions?

A. Contact

Immigration Department| Email: | Telephone: (66) 2879-6389 (66) 2879-6389

RS Building, 40th Floor Room 121/106, Ratchadapisek Road, Khet Din Daeng, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand
TEL (66) 2879-6389.