IP Monetization and Commercialization

In order to generate more revenue, reduce costs, and leverage their Intellectual Property resources, companies today are focusing on the value enhancement and monetization of their Intellectual Property through an IP commercialization process. Anurak & Associates helps clients derive returns on their intellectual property portfolios through commercializing and then managing their intellectual assets. The firm provides strategic guidance through the commercialization process from technology evaluation, IP analysis and market assessment to the identification of commercial opportunities, due diligence, and contract and license negotiation. The IP team believes that it is important to link intellectual asset strategy and development to business and product strategies and helps clients identify opportunities for licensing, market expansion, infringement actions, and technology expansion.


IP Commercialization services

  • Catalog and screen Intellectual Property portfolios
  • Technology evaluation
  • Assess market and value extraction
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation and contractual agreements
  • Commercial concept development


IP Management services

  • Comprehensive Intellectual Property management
  • Maintenance of registrations
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements or MOUs in relation to Intellectual Property rights sale, purchase, permission to, or assignment
  • Due diligence for the complete evaluation of IP rights and to ascertain the protections needed to avoid problems in the future.
  • IP valuation
  • Translations and conduct searches for Intellectual Property information
  • Monitoring services for royalty payments or on a competitor’s publications, trademarks or other Intellectual Property rights
  • Threat assessment on alleged infringements and use of exclusive knowledge to minimize business impact
  • Portfolio classification, mapping and analysis
  • Link IP development strategies to business and product strategies
  • Product clearance and risk assessment


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