Notary Public in Thailand


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In Thailand, as an alternative to the pending legislative proceedings of the notary public law of the last five decades, notary services functions are carried out by attorneys who can administer oaths, authenticate documents and signatures, and witness statements of persons under oath. In Thailand, a notary public is called a Notarial Services Attorney and is regulated by the Lawyers Act B.E. 2528 and trained and overseen by the Lawyers Council of Thailand. At Anurak and Associates, the firm offers a full range of notarial services that include:


  • Certification of copies of official documents by a licensed notarial services attorney
  • Verification and certification of the authenticity of signatures
  • Recording statements made under formal oath
  • Administering and documenting oaths
  • Certification of ID, e.g., verify the personal ID and papers of a person applying for retirement status
  • Acceptance of oaths of instruments, e.g., power of attorney, to be used in other jurisdictions as normally accepted by the competent officer of the respective countries


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