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Anurak Chayut, Esq.

Founder and Managing Director


As an attorney, Anurak Chayut has been actively involved in local and international legal practice and academia for over 50 years. He is a past President of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (1999-2000) and a former Secretary-General and Foreign Affairs Director of the Thai Bar. He has also served 3 three-year terms as President of the Lawyers Council of Thailand. Anurak serves as counsel to numerous multinational companies and is involved with a number of international organizations including the International Trademark Association and the Union International des Avocats. In the early 1980s, he served two consecutive terms as Vice President of the Association of Asian Patent Attorneys (APAA) and is a current APAA council member. Over the past 36 years, he has been a lecturer at the Thai Bar, at Thammasat and Chulalongkorn Universities, and at the Lawyers Council of Thailand. He has also compiled and edited the Supreme Court’s precedent cases and the Trademark Committee’s decisions on the Trademark, Patent, and Copyright Acts. In 2009, Anurak received an LLD (Hon) from Thammasat University.

Aroon Somchai , Esq.
Senior Partner & Executive Director
Fields of Specialization – Corporate Law, Customs, Taxation, Property, and Intellectual Property


Before taking on his role as Anurak & Associates’ Executive Director, Mr. Aroon Somchai spent a number of years as a corporate tax and business consultant for SGV, the local representative of Arthur Andersen. Since joining the firm in 1988, he has been responsible for providing legal advice to major corporate clients, both Thai and international, and in addition to his other duties, Mr. Somchai has worked closely with many major Fortune 500 companies in obtaining Board of Investment privileges. Mr. Somchai is a graduate of Thammasat University (1975) and was admitted to the Thai Bar in 1976.

Achara Malee, Esq.
Senior Partner & Executive Director
Fields of Specialization – Corporate Law and Incorporation & Startup


Achara Malee is the firm’s senior corporate partner and has advised many foreign clients on the regulations and requirements for establishing businesses in Thailand. Her areas of expertise include undertaking legal due diligences for foreign companies entering into joint ventures with Thai companies and obtaining the business licenses, certificates and permits for all company and industry types. She has also handled the registration of many companies under the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between Thailand and the United States. She graduated from Thammasat University in 1987 where she also obtained a Business Law Diploma in 1998. She was admitted to the Thai Bar in 1990.

Arthit Boribun , Ph.D.
Senior Partner
Fields of Specialization – Intellectual Property and Technology Law


Dr. Arthit Boribun is the Head of the Intellectual Property Department and a recognized expert on Intellectual Property matters. He is a post-graduate of Boston University and holds a PhD in Computers and Engineering Management from Assumption University. He currently serves on the Committee of the Design Group of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA), the Committee for Intellectual Property Association of Thailand (IPAT), and the Intellectual Property Promotion Association of Thailand (IPPAT). He is a Professional Patent Agent certified and registered by Department of Intellectual Property in the Ministry of Commerce. In the enforcement and protection of Intellectual Property in Thailand, Dr. Somchai and his team have close working relationships with the police, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and the Department of Special Investigations in the Ministry of Justice.

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